Tomorrow night at 7pm, we will look at four importance piece of financial advice from Jesus. Remarkably, He will draw wisdom from the life of a “Del Boy” type character. Join us as we study Luke 16:1-13 tomorrow night, September 30th.

FIRST SUNDAY BACK – We had a wonderful time this past Sunday. It was our first worship service together since the end of March. I hope that we never have to go that long without meeting in person again. It was such a blessing to be back together, and I am so encouraged by our … Continue reading September 25th Newsletter

Add to Your Faith – Faith in Jesus is just the beginning of a life of growing and maturing. Tomorrow, we look at seven specific things we are meant to add to our faith with God’s help. Join us at 11.30am London Time as we look into 2 Peter 1.5-7.  Click Here to Tune in Live. … Continue reading Add to Your Faith

Tonight’s Bible study is entitled ‘Come to God’s Great Supper’. It will cover Luke 14:1-24 and will take place over Zoom. Zoom link: Zoom ID: 946 1188 2975 We are looking forward to a good time together. See you then! Note: Be sure to sign in with your name, so we can identify who … Continue reading Come to God’s Great Supper

Knowledge of God – Surrounded by false teachers and people who mocked his Lord, the Apostle Peter penned his second epistle encouraging his readers, and us, to realise that all we need can be found in knowing God through Christ. This Sunday’s sermon, Knowledge of God, is from 2 Peter 1:1-4. It will go live at … Continue reading 6th September Sermon

Growing & Glorifying God Through Suffering – Suffering is never fun, but suffering can be used to grow us and to glorify God. That is the theme of this Sunday’s sermon from 1 Peter 5:5-14. The sermon will go live at 11.30 am London Time. Click Here to Watch Sunday Zoom Prayer Meeting – At 10.30 am, before … Continue reading 30th August Sermon

Sunday Sermon – This Sunday’s sermon is from Psalm 23. The preacher is Ricardo Hipolito from Bethesda Free Church. It the second of a two-part series that Ricardo recorded for us from Psalm 23. May God use it to bless and encourage you. It will go live at 11.30 am BST. Click Here to Watch Prayer Meeting … Continue reading 23rd August Sermon

Jesus puts life’s purpose in to perspective and urges the people to seek the kingdom of God. We are also reminded that we are servants of our Lord who we should serve faithfully. Click here for the study on Luke 12:22-54