A disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ and discipleship is the process whereby followers of Jesus model and teach others to follow Jesus.

At our church, the “life on life” ministry of discipleship and teaching one another God’s Word is vital to everything we do and to reaching the world with the gospel.

We use a series of lessons called “Foundations” that help people in our church to discuss the important truths of God’s Word.

Those who begin attending our church will be invited to join one of us as we talk through these doctrinal truths together. Some meet at homes, some at coffee shops, and others meet before or after a service.

Going through Foundations helps to ground every person in their faith and equip them to ministry and teach others, and we expect that everyone who desires to join our church will complete the Foundations discipleship course.

Level 1 of the course will cover the following topics: God, Jesus, Sin, Salvation, Eternal Security, Baptism, Bible Reading, Prayer, The Holy Spirit, The New Testament Church, and Witnessing.

Level 2 of the course will cover: Identity, Separation, Bible Study, Disciple-making, God’s Will, The Bible, Giving, Forgiveness, Death, Second Coming of Christ.

To get involved in Foundations Disciples, contact us or speak to any leader in the church.