Weekly Update – 04/11/2022

Hey folks, I hope that you’re all well and keeping warm, especially as we’ve into November; the temperature here as been tame until recent days where everything’s become cold and unpleasant. Regardless of the weather, we are blessed to be kept by the loving hands of our God, and He is, in His grace and mercy, sustaining us as a church in our service to Him. Here’s an update of what’s been going on.

Monthly Prayer Evenings Update

Since August, we have started Prayer Evenings once a month (every last Friday). The aim has been to encourage and urge us to be a people of prayer, a people who seek the Lord together as we lay our burdens down at His feet, knowing that He cares for us.

We have had little turnout since the Prayer Evenings started, and last week we were very few in number. Admittedly, I was discouraged at first, but I have been reminded that regardless of our numbers, the Lord is ever with His people, as I recalled the words of the Lord Jesus “Where two or three are gathered…”. I was also reminded of the many miraculous works the Lord has done throughout Church history that begun with a small number in fervent prayer.

In light of this, I’m exhorted to not despised the day of small beginnings, and to continue the Prayer Evenings over the coming months. Our next one will be on the Last Friday of November (25th).

Autumn Festival Update

Games for both the Young and Young at Heart
The children listening to the Gospel Message

After a lot of planning, advertising, and much prayer, we held our Autumn Festival on Saturday evening. We had plenty of food (and we enjoyed the leftovers too) to keep us going, and we had a variety of activities that everyone enjoyed – including solo challenges to group games.

We want to express so much gratitude to those who took part and brought food, those who helped set up beforehand and tidy up afterwards, and we want to especially thank Bethany Norris (a missionary working with us) for committing herself to planning, organising, and carrying out the bulk of the work. Thank you for praying for the event; please continue to pray for the children who heard the gospel message, that the Lord would save them.

This Weekend:

Saturday – Join us our Community Outreach at 11:15 AM. We will be meeting at the Church Building, and our aim to hand out tracts/invites to the people in the immediate area. We’re blessed to continue the Outreach after last week’s break due to the Autumn Festival.

Sunday – We have the privilege of worshipping the Lord as a local body, the way we are instructed to in Scripture. Join us for our Small Groups at 10:30 AM, followed by our Morning Service at 11:30 AM.

That’s all for now folks. Keep yourselves warm as the days get colder. God bless and we love you all.


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