Weekly Update – 10/06/2022

Hipolito Family Back from Holiday

Hey folks, how are you all? My family and I are back from our holiday, visiting family in Germany and in Switzerland. We have missed you all, we have been continuously praying for Downham Baptist Church while we were gone, and we thank you all for you continued love and support in prayer.

We are greatly encouraged that the work here did not suffer in our absence, it’s a great (and humbling) reminder that the work is not ours, but the Lord’s, and also a great reminder that it’s the saints (not just the pastor) who takes part in the work of the ministry – we are blessed by you all, and we delight to see you all grow in Christ-likeness, resulting in a growth in fervent, wholehearted service to the Lord.

It feels somewhat improper to give an update of the work here seeing as though we have been absent for 2 weeks, but here’s a quick update.

The Snodes’ Visit to the UK and the Queen’s Jubilee

For the last two weeks, the Snodes (Travis’ brother, Harley, and his family) were in the UK to visit the Snodes (Travis and his family). Harley and his family not only visited family, but they were a great blessing to the folks at Downham in their ministry to us – which we look forward to catching up on. Along with their visit, the church also celebrated Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. We’re mindful to pray for those that the Lord has put in authority over us (as the Bible commands us to) and we thank the Lord for Her Majesty and her 70 years of service.

Regular Ministries

We are thrilled to know that the regular ministries at Downham continued over the last two weeks. The weekly Community Outreach continued, the church continued to meet for Bible Studies on Wednesday nights, and the Homework Club continued to operate, reaching out to children and families in the immediate area.

That’s all for now, folks. It’s somewhat of a haphazard and out-of-the-ordinary update for this week. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things. Again, we have missed you all, and we love you in the Lord.


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