Sunday Services – 26th August

Tomorrow is our last Sunday in the book of Amos. We will look at chapters 8-9, which focus on end times and remind us that God will one day bring judgment but there is hope for those who heed the warning and look to God in faith. I hope that you will join us at 11.30am for the service.

Also tomorrow at 10.30am, we will have our small group Bible studies and Sunday school, which are a great opportunity to get to know other believers in the church and to encourage one another with the Word. We have classes for the children, young people, and adults.

In the afternoon, there will be a brief meeting for all the church members at 1pm.


Sun, 2nd Sept 9.45am – Teacher & Volunteer Training
Sun, 2nd Sept 11.30am – Missionary to Romania – Johnney McGeorge-Oanta
Sun, 2nd Sept 1pm – Lord’s Supper
Sun, 16th Sept – Anniversary Service & Bring & Share Lunch
Wed, 19th Sept – Men & Ladies Fellowships
Sat, 22nd Sept – Creation Conference in Central London
Sat, 6th Oct (9.30am-12.30pm) – Biblical Manhood Conference (Slade Church, Plumstead)


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