Remembering the Lord Jesus

This Sunday, we will remember the Lord Jesus and His death by observing the Lord’s Supper together at 10.45am in the Bible Class hour. What a blessing this will be after such a long gap!

To keep everything sanitary, we have purchased some disposable communion cups and some pre-broken unleavened bread. Also, those who prepare and distribute the elements will use gloves and face coverings.

On Wednesday night, we will be meeting back in person at the church at 7pm for our Bible study. We will be looking at a study called ‘Keep the Feast in Sincerity and Truth’ from 1 Corinthians 5 designed to prepare our hearts to take the Lord’s Supper on Sunday.

We will do our best to make the study available on our YouTube channel, but I hope you absolutely do your best to attend in person. The closer we get to the return of Christ, the more we need to meet together.

Though we cannot do congregational singing, we would like to start having some music in the services. We are planning to practice two songs each Saturday at 12.30pm that will be sung in the service the next day. Anyone who wants to help out with the music should join us for a short time of practice. The songs we sing should be well-known ones that we have sung in the past.

This week at Downham:

  • Thursday 6pm – Youth Zoom Meeting
  • Saturday 11am – Outreach
  • Saturday 6pm – Young Adult Zoom Meeting
  • Sunday 9.45am – First Worship Service
  • Sunday 10.45am – Lord’s Supper
  • Sunday 11.30am – Second Worship Service

Here are some other upcoming events:

  • Next Wednesday, December 16th – Split Men & Ladies Bible Studies
  • Sunday, December 20th – Bring Your Own Christmas Picnic
  • Wednesday, December 23rd – NO Midweek Bible Study
  • Friday, December 25th 11am – Christmas Day Service
  • Fri-Sun, Jan 1st-3rd – Church Retreat
  • Sun, Jan 3rd 6pm – Combined Worship Service (adjusted time due to the church retreat)

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