1st November Weekend

Outreach – Tomorrow morning at 11am, we will be going out with gospel tracts into our community to share the gospel and invite people to church. This is a great way to share your faith. Please come along and join us. If this is your first time, just show up at the church at 11am. We will have a short time of prayer and then we will pair you up with someone with experience.

Work Day – After outreach (around 12.30pm), we will be doing some work on the church building and grounds, so if you are able to come back and help us with a few things we would really appreciate it.

Sunday 10.45am – Our “Membership Matters” services begins this coming Sunday. We will be looking at the subject “Why Church Membership”? This is for everyone in the church and will including helpful teaching for those interested in membership and our existing members.

Sunday 11.30am – The message on Sunday will be entitled “Them That Walk After the Flesh” and will deal with some attitudes of false teachers that we do not want to emulate. It is a tough passage but very relevant for us today.

Fridays in November – Every Friday in November, we will be having a special family service, which you can read more about here. But please make plans to come along with your entire family for a great time together.

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