Easter Sermons

Happy Resurrection Sunday! We can live in the power of Christ’s resurrection every day, but today is an extra special day when Christians around the world focus on the resurrection of Christ.

Today, we have two special Bible messages for you. The first message, premiering at 10.30 am, is ‘Faith in Christ Delivers us From Fear’ by Pastor James Wilson from Northwest Baptist in Derry, Northern Ireland. I believe this will be very encouraging to you. (SPECIAL NOTE: His message will take the place of our Zoom prayer meeting.)

The second message, ‘Resurrection from the Dead’, by myself, Pastor Travis Snode, will premier at 11.30 am. I believe both will a blessing to you, and there is a special treat for you at the end of my message, so watch to the end!

May God bless you and give you a wonderful Easter!

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