The Cry of Wisdom – Prov 8

Proverbs 7 contains the passionate cry of the strange woman inviting the simple and foolish person to that which seems enjoyable but leads to death. Proverbs 8 is the even more passionate cry of wisdom, personified as a woman, who is calling out to all people to follow that which leads to life and the Lord’s favour.

These two voices, these two invitations are seeking for us each and every day. There does not seem to be an in-between. We are either foolishly being led down a path of sin and destruction or we are growing in the wisdom that only God can give.

Of course, the preferred path is the one that leads to life, truth, righteousness, honour and has been around since God created the world (v.22-31). But those who choose the path of wisdom must…

  1. Listen to wisdom’s voice and really hear what God says (v.1-9,32-34). This involves careful listening to the Holy Spirit as He teaches us through the Word of God.
  2. Value wisdom over everything else this world offers, including the wealth of this world and all things that may be desired (v.10-11). It is not enough to want wisdom; we must want it more than anything else.
  3. Fear the Lord so much that we hate evil, pride, arrogance, the evil way, and the froward mouth (v.13). Wisdom involves rejecting that which is foolish and displeasing to God.
  4. Love and seek wisdom early (v.17). Wisdom cannot be a side hobby; it must be the chief pursuit of our lives, the deepest desire of our souls.
  5. Watch daily at wisdom’s gate (v.34). Every day, we must tune our heart to wisdom’s cry. We must daily watch for what God would teach us through His Word.

Most of us would claim to want to be wise. None of us wants to end up like the fool. But the path of wisdom requires more than good intentions. It requires diligent listening, deep desiring, daily seeking, careful watching and rejection of anything that goes against wisdom.

Wisdom is crying out! Will we hear and obey?

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