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  • Missions – We had a great time catching up with Johnny, missionary to Romania, on Friday night. It was good to hear an update from him, especially as several of us went on a trip there in November 2017. You can also check out the most recent update from Missionary Hannah Neilly here. Please pray for these missionaries and consider giving specifically above and beyond your tithes and offering to our world mission fund. Just notate your gift as ‘world missions’.
  • Midweek Bible Study Tonight 7pm – Tonight, in our midweek meeting, we are discussing Exodus 5-6 and how we can deal with times in our life when we are discouraged and disappointed with the way God has allowed things to happen in our lives.
  • Reach London Conference 15-17 April – Reach London is coming up in under two weeks. The purpose of the conference is to train and give practical experience in evangelism, discipleship, and missions. We are going to have a great time. Our main speaker will be Alan Campbell. The conference begins Monday afternoon 2pm with teaching sessions Mon-Wed 7-9pm, and training Tue and Wed morning 10am-1pm. In the afternoons, we will go out in the community to share the gospel. Everyone is welcome including young people secondary school age and older. This is a great opportunity to get more experience or perhaps your first experience being involved in evangelism! If you plan to attend, please sign up today, so we can plan accordingly. If you are willing to help with food for the conference, please let Travis know.
  • Sunday Services – This Sunday, we have small groups 10.30am, morning worship 11.30am, and afternoon teaching 1pm.

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