4 Questions to Enrich Your Devotions

Do you ever feel like your personal devotions are a chore rather than a joy? Do you ever feel like you struggle to find a practical application from the passage for that day? Could it be that we have made our quiet time more about us than it is about God?

Sometimes, when we are reading the Bible, we make the mistake of making it all about ourselves first. We look for some application to our lives and leave it there. This can be helpful, but there is a much richer truth in the passage than how it applies to you. If we aren’t careful, making it primarily about us can lead to moralism, seeing a set of rules to obey each day, instead of joyful obedience, a glad response to God’s glory and grace.

Even though all scripture has an application, I recently began to realise that I needed to ask other questions first before I asked how it applied to me.

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