Coming Up This Sunday

Sunday, 14th October

  • Tomorrow (Saturday 13th), we will be giving out gospel literature and invitations to the “Key to Success” event. We can use your help in distributing them. If you are able, please join us at the church at 10 am. We will finish by noon.
  • Sunday morning, we will be back in the book of Philippians, looking at “The Minister’s Mindset” from Philippians 1:3-8. I think you will be amazed at the type of thoughts Paul was able, by God’s grace, to have in prison. Far from moaning and complaining, he was thankful, confident, and full of love. I believe the message will greatly help us to have the right mindset as we serve the Lord and go through difficulty.
  • Small groups will meet at 10.30am, with the adults looking more at Genesis 3 and God’s grace even when things mess up in the family. The Young Downham Men continue in Proverbs and the children’s classes will meet as normal.
  • Sunday afternoon, we will have a Question and Answer time from 1-1.30pm. Every couple of months, we give you an opportunity to ask questions that we attempt to answer from the Bible. Feel free to write out your question and hand it in on the day or email it through to

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, 17th October – Men & Ladies’ Fellowships
  • Sat, 20th October 6pm – Free Talk “The Key to Success” with Andrew Robertson
  • Sun, 21st October 11.30am – Guest Preacher Andrew Robertson from Bethesda Free Church
  • Sun, 21st October – Bring & Share Lunch after Morning Service
  • Sat, 27th October 5pm – Autumn Glow Party (Entire Church Invited – Speak to Jeff Bryan to help out)
  • Sun, 28th October 1pm – Newcomers Course
  • Sun, 4th November 9.45am – Teacher & Volunteer Training

Links to Helpful Articles

  • Should Every Believer Speak in Tongues? – In some churches, speaking tongues is encouraged and emphasized as the evidence of being filled with the Spirit. But is that what the Bible teaches? This article seeks to answer the question, ” Should ever believer speak in tongues?”
  • Pornography Is Not Your Problem – This is put out by the secular TED talks, but it looks at an underlying reason many people are motivated to look at pornography.
  • 4 Questions to Enrich Your Devotions – Alan Campbell writes a helpful post that will help you go deeper and enrich your personal Bible reading and devotions.
  • How Does God Speak Today? – This is an article I wrote recently in response to a question about how God speaks to us today; specifically, “Do we need dreams, visions, fresh revelations to know God’s will?”

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