Coming Up This Sunday

Sunday, 30th September

  • This Sunday, we continue our small group studies at 10.30am. The adults will be looking at what went wrong in the family and how God was gracious to the first family from Genesis 3. The children and young men will continue with their groups as well.
  • In the morning service, we will continue our Philippians series looking at “Deacons.” If you want to read about this topic in advance, you can read Philippians 1:1, Acts 6:1-7, and 1 Timothy 3:8-13.
  • There will be no afternoon teaching time, but there will be some training for crèche workers and stewards and greeters from 1pm-1.30pm. Anyone who serves in those ministries or would like to serve in those ministries should attend the training.
  • Most Fridays, the young adults (ages 15 and older) are meeting up for fellowship. For more information, speak to Pastor Travis.

Upcoming Events

  • Wed, 3rd October 7pm – Wednesday Bible Study (Genesis 30:25-31:55)
  • Sat, 6th October 9.30am – Biblical Manhood Conference
  • Sun, 7th October 11.30am – Guest Preacher Brian Clark from Crossroads Baptist Church
  • Sun, 14th October 1pm – Q & A Session
  • Sat, 20th October 6pm – Free Talk “The Key to Success” with Andrew Robertson
  • Sun, 21st October 11.30am – Guest Preacher Andrew Robertson from Bethesda Free Church
  • Sun, 21st October – Bring & Share Lunch after Morning Service
  • Sun, 28th October 1pm – Newcomers Course

Links to Helpful Articles

  • Protection in a Perilous World – An article for those sending their young people off to school or university that teaches us how to pray and trust God like Jesus did the night before His betrayal.
  • Pray for Sheffield – Martin Wickens shares about the needs and ways to pray for the city of Sheffield
  • Does Spirit Baptism Occur After Conversion – Sometimes, when people read the book of Acts, they think Spirit Baptism is something that happens after conversions. But is that really what the Bible teaches? This article explains why that is not the case for us today.

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