The Work in Romania

We had a blessed time this past Sunday hearing from Missionary Johnny McGeorge-Oanta to Romania. Many people were touched by the work that God is doing and the need in Romania. Here is what one of our members had to say about the day:

As far as I can see, Johnny has the Lord all over him. He is so humble and empathetic towards people a lot less fortunate than himself and today he gave wise, Biblical instruction on how the Lord wants us to be towards others.

To my despair, I get so distracted from what the Lord wants me to do, from spending precious time with Him to sharing Him with others and learning to be Christlike, but Johnny’s message really got my attention, in his quiet manner, and made me cry with conviction when he said if we’re not suffering, we’re probably not serving God (especially sharing the Gospel), and we’re no threat to Satan.

This has really challenged me and I know I have to get serious in my walk with the Lord and see if He will use me. I’ve wasted so much time.

If you would like to get more involved in helping with the new church building in Romania, go here.

What’s On This Week?

  • Sunday 10.30am – Small Group Bible Studies
  • Sunday 11.30am – Morning Worship – starting Philippians
  • Sunday 1.00pm – Afternoon Teaching – Genesis 27 (“Trying to Do Things Your Own Way”)
  • Wednesday 7.00pm – Bible Study – Genesis 28

Upcoming Events

  • Wed, 19th Sept – Men & Ladies Fellowships
  • Sat, 22nd Sept – Creation Conference in Central London
  • Sun, 30th Sept (9.45am) – Teacher & Volunteer Training
  • Sat, 6th Oct (9.30am-12.30pm) – Biblical Manhood Conference (Slade Church, Plumstead)
  • Sun, 7th Oct – Guest Preacher Brian Clark

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