Monthly Update – February 2023

Hey folks, I hope that you’re well. I have to admit, it feels strange to do a monthly update instead of a weekly update, but nonetheless, I’m privileged to give you all an update of things that have been happening here in the month of February.

A Month Full of Visiting Friends

Out of the four weekends of this month, three are occupied with visiting friends. Last weekend, we had John Williams and his family stay with us for fellowship; this weekend just gone we had Katharina’s sister and her family stay with us (and we enjoyed having them join us for our church fellowship); and this coming weekend, my sister and her boyfriend will be with us (we’re waiting for them as I write this monthly update).

In light of all of this, it’s safe to say that my family and I are wiped out and looking forward to a bit of break in March. Having said that though, we have enjoyed hosting brothers and sisters in the Lord, we have been blessed by them (and I hope we have been a blessing to them). It is a joy to open our house for the purpose of hospitality.

Farewell and Thank You to Bethany

This month, we say farewell to Bethany, as she is off back to the USA. She has been with us since February 2022, and for a whole year she has laboured at Downham as a missionary. She has helped us tremendously with ministries such as the Homework Club, and the Creche during the Small Groups sessions on Sunday Mornings. She has ministered to the saints at Downham, and has been active in our Outreach. As a church, we were blessed to have her; it’s a bitter-sweet thing to have to part for we know that we are more desolate without her, but we are encouraged to know that she will enrich where the Lord places her.

On Friday evening last week, the ladies at the Church treated Bethany to a carvery meal (to give her one last British experience before she goes home); and on Sunday morning, we prayed for her corporately towards the end of our Worship Service.

Please pray for Bethany. She will be going on deputation back in the USA to raise support for full time ministry as a missionary to the UK.

Men’s Breakfast

We enjoyed our third Men’s Breakfast on Saturday 18th February. Brother Jeff organised it all, and the Godwin boys did a terrific job in serving through their labours that day – thank you, brothers. It was a great time of fellowship where we grew in our knowledge of one another, and where we were able to stir one another up in love and in good works as we thought about the practicalities of Christian living (specifically in the area of marriage and being a blessing to our wives).

Midweek Bible Study – New Series

This month, for our Wednesday night meetings, we finished our study through the Book of Deuteronomy. I trust that we have been blessed to learn about the final days of Moses, and to apply the principles scattered through the pages of Scripture.

In light of that, we have started a new series for our Midweek Bible Studies on the topic of Evangelism. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be thinking through: What is Evangelism, Why We Should Evangelise, and How To Evangelise. These studies will be more interactive, especially when we consider How To Evangelise, giving us an opportunity to immediately practice what we learn, so as to better equip us when we engage the world with the Gospel.

Come along and join us for these sessions on Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 PM.

Upcoming Q&A Evening

Just a heads up, on Wednesday March 22nd, we are hosting a Q&A Evening where people are welcome to come and ask questions which we will endeavour to answer from Scripture.

That’s all for now, please pray for us as we continue to labour here in Downham. We love you all in the Lord.


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