Weekly Update – 07/10/2022

Hey folks, how are you all? We don’t have too much to update you on in terms of what’s happened in the last week, but we do have a few things towards the latter part of the month that we’ve got planned. Here’s the update.

Events in October:

Church Fellowship – Saturday 22nd October – Our Deacon, Jeff, is putting together a fellowship event. We believe that it is important for Christians to spend time with one another outside of weekly church meetings, so that we can better live out the “one another” principles in the New Testament. We want to create the opportunity for more fellowship by putting together various church events throughout the year. We will provide further updates in the coming days.

Autumn Festival – Saturday 29th October – As well as spending more time with fellow believers, we also believe that it is important to engage the world around us with the Gospel. To that end, we have our Autumn Festival on the last Saturday of the month. What we aim to accomplish is to share the gospel with those who turn up, as well as helping solidify our presence in the community. See the image below for more information.

This Weekend:

Saturday – Every week we have our Community Outreach where we, as a church, evangelise together. Join us tomorrow at 11:15 AM, we will be meeting at the Church Building and we will be handing out the Autumn Festival flyers as well as Gospel Tracts.

Sunday – As always, we invite you to join us for our Small Groups at 10:30 AM, where we learn and have the opportunity to discuss how the Bible applies to our daily lives. We also invite you to our Worship Service at 11:30 AM, where we will also have our monthly observation of the Lord’s Supper – please be prepared to stay a little longer than usual in order to take part in communion if you’re saved and walking in fellowship with the Lord.

Prayer Requests:

  • The Church Fellowship – That we would grow in the biblical desire to invest meaningfully in one another’s lives.
  • The Autumn Festival – That we would be effective in reaching the immediate area around us, and for souls to be saved.
  • Regular Visitors – We have had a lot of visitors since Mid-September, please pray that they would be fed and grow at Downham.

That’s all for now. The Lord has been good to us, and we trust that His goodness and His mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives. We love you all and God bless.


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