Weekly Update – 02/09/2022

Hey folks, we are blessed to enter into a new month, and we praise the Lord as we look back at the year so far and recognise that He has showered His goodness and mercy upon us and we are confident that He will keep us as we continue through the rest of the year. Here’s another update of the work at Downham Baptist Church.

Visitors at Downham

We are blessed to have had visitors join us over the last two weeks – all of them are saved, and fellow believers in Christ. We rejoice to have had the opportunity to worship and fellowship with them. They have just moved into the area, and are looking for a place to come and worship the LORD.

Speaking of visitors, Beth’s parents have also come to be with us. Sadly, they’re unable to stay for a longer period and will be travelling back home tomorrow (Saturday) – please pray that the LORD would grant them travelling mercies.

Training Preachers

Earlier this year, we gave opportunity for some of the men in the congregation to hone their God-given gifts of preaching, and we are delighted to continue in training them and allowing them more opportunities to use their gifts for the building up of the body. September will be a month that will interrupt our series on 2 Samuel, so as to allow the men to take a Sunday each to preach.

Please pray for these men, that God would prosper their study, and use them to build us up as they preach. And please pray for us as a church, that we would grow in encouraging one another to use our God-given gifts to serve one another.

Baptism Service – Sunday 25th September

On the last Sunday of the month (September 25th), we are going to have a baptism service for one of the teens in the church. It will be during the Worship Service (11:30 AM). Please join us and invite others to witness the event as it is a public declaration of the salvation that a person has received beforehand. If you are a Christian who has not been baptised but would like to be or would like to know more about baptism, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This Weekend:

Saturday – Join us for our Community Outreach. We will be meeting at the Church Building for 11:15 AM, and we will be posting Gospel leaflets/Church invites to the houses in the immediate area.

Sunday – We are excited to worship the Lord together through prayer, singing, and the teaching of His word. Join us for our Small Groups at 10:30 AM and our Worship Service at 11:30 AM.

Upcoming Events & Notices:

  • Sunday 11th Sept – The LORD’s Table
  • Sunday 18th Sept – Bring & Share
  • Sunday 25th Sept – Baptism Service (see the information above for more details)
  • Sunday 2nd Oct – Members’ Meeting
  • Saturday 29th Oct – Autumn Community Outreach Event (Event Name TBC)

Thank you for your labour in praying for us, we ask for your continued support in prayer. That’s all for now, we love you all in the Lord.


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