Weekly Update – 05/08/2022

Hey folks, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to bring you all another update for this week. We’re blessed and thankful to know and have the assurance from Scripture that God, who has begun a good work in us, will continuously work in and through as to conform us into Christ’s image. Here’s this week’s update.

A Busy July

The month of July has kept us busy, but I believe in the right sense. We have had events on pretty much every weekend, staring with our Youth Rally, an Induction Service, and a Surprise Party (which we advertised as “Youth Flag Football”). Through it all, we thank the Lord for keeping us, and for allowing us to carry out all the events which were good opportunities to bless and be blessed by one another. We look forward to somewhat of a restful August as we get into the Summer Holiday.

Farewell to the Snodes

Presenting the Snodes with a Parting Gift

The Snodes had their final Sunday with us at Downham on Sunday just gone (31st July). It has been emotional, and we are going to miss them dearly. We thank the Lord for working in them, and through them here in London, and we pray the Lord would continue to build them up so that they can build others up also. We presented them with a parting gift (see picture above) and prayed for them.

After the Sunday Morning service, we also celebrated Teri’s birthday with them (see picture below). Although they couldn’t stay long (because of work in Colchester), the Snodes were able to spend a few moments with us.

Celebrating Teri’s Birthday

Moving Forward at Downham

With the Snodes gone, some may be wondering what will happen next. We recognise all the work that the Snodes have put into the Church, and we will be lacking without them, however, we also recognise that Downham Baptist Church is dependent upon Christ. Though the Snodes are gone, the work will continue. We seek to continue serving to build up the believers at Downham, in seeing the believers mature and partake in the work of the ministry.

With us having to say goodbye to a family of key workers in the Church, we know that things will be different, and some ministries will stop, slow down, or change. We see this as an opportunity to bolster what we currently have, and to earnestly pray that the Lord will raise up more workers to labour with us here. If you have any questions about the work and how things will proceed at Downham, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; we’re more than happy to answer questions and queries.

A Praying People

On an encouraging note, I was thrilled to witness our church grow in praying corporately. In recent weeks, we have reintroduced a time of prayer after our Midweek Bible Studies, and on the Wednesday night just gone, God’s people prayed together in a way that I’ve not witnessed since coming to London – this is no slight to the church, but rather, a great source of rejoicing as we see growth in this area. Almost everyone who was present prayed audibly, and even the youngest in the service (Year 6) prayed with us. We hope to continue growing in our desire to pray for and with one another.

This Weekend:

Saturday – We have our Community Outreach at Bromley Town Centre. Just as we’ve done in the previous weeks, we will be meeting at 11:15 AM outside of The Glades (next to Cafe Nero) and we will be handing out Gospel Tracts as well as trying to engage people in conversation.

Sunday – Come and join us for our Small Groups at 10:30 AM, followed by our Worship Service at 11:30 AM.

Upcoming Events & Notices

  • Saturday 13th August – Church Work Day
  • Sunday – 14th August – The Lord’s Table
  • Sunday – 21st August – Bring & Share
  • Late September – Baptism Service

We have other things that we would like to do at Downham, and we ask you to pray with us about these matters: Starting an Evangelism Class, and Regular Prayer Nights at Downham. We know that these things are right for us to do, however, we are faced with the challenge of how busy life in London is – to that end, please pray that God would give us wisdom as to how to start these ministries/meetings in a way that would be conducive for everyone at DBC.

That’s all for now, we love you all in the Lord.


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