Weekly Update – 29/07/2022

Hey folks, it’s an awesome privilege to give another update of the Lord’s work at Downham Baptist Church. The whole month of July has been full of events, we have been kept busy (in a good way), but through it all, God is good, and we’re thankful for the events we’ve had. Here’s this week’s update:

Outreach & Evangelism

Teen Girls Sharing the Gospel in Bromley

Because our Saturdays for this month have been filled with events, we have not had the opportunity to do our Weekly Community Outreach until last Saturday. It was good, and refreshing to be out sharing the Gospel again. We were also really encouraged with the zeal of our youth and their desire to willingly engage strangers in conversation so that they could share the message of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus (see the above photo).

Interestingly, one of our youth asked if we could start teaching on how to evangelise. She made the point that we are always being urged to share the gospel, but the problem is that the “how to” is rarely communicated. With this in mind, please be in prayer with us as we seek to put together teaching material with the hopes of having Evangelism classes in the near future.

Travis’ Last Sermon at Downham

Travis and his family have been a great blessing to us at Downham, and we thank the Lord for using them, and trust that He will continue to use them in the USA. On Sunday morning, Travis preached his last sermon at Downham from Acts 20, admonishing us all to continue in the Lord, to wholly serve Him, and live our lives in glad obedience. If you missed it, you can listen to the recording on our YouTube Channel.

This Weekend:

Saturday – Join us for our Community Outreach at 11:15 AM. We will be in Bromley Town Centre again to hand out leaflets as well as trying to engage people in conversation. We will be meeting at the same place as last week, The Glades Entrance (High Street) next to Cafe Nero. If you are unable to join us, we ask you to

Sunday – Come and join us as we worship and fellowship together for our Small Groups at 10:30 AM, followed by our Worship Service at 11:30 AM. This Sunday will be the Snodes’ final Sunday at Downham, and so we invite you to join us as we bid them Godspeed and share our last moments until we next see each other.

Prayer Requests:

  • Some of our church members/attenders have lost loved ones. Please pray that we, as a community of believers, will be of comfort and support for them – as well as praying that the Lord would ultimately bring comfort.
  • The Snodes’ departure in August.
  • Wisdom for the Church in moving forward.
  • The planning for Evangelism Classes.
  • Jeremiah and Christiana have been blessed with the birth of a baby boy, please keep them in your prayers.

That’s all for now folks. Have a great weekend, and continue walking in the Lord. We love you all.


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