Weekly Update – 08/07/2022

Hey folks, we’ve gone through another week by the grace of the Lord Jesus. Please pray for us at Downham Baptist Church as we are going through a time of transition; Travis and his family will be moving to the US next month, and I will be taking on the role of Pastor at the Church. In all of this, we are in need of wisdom and grace, and to that end please pray for us – we so desperately need prayers. Here’s the update for the week:

Youth Rally

Jeff’s Devotion at the Youth Rally at Beckenham Place Park

On Saturday afternoon, we were in Beckenham Place Park for a couple of hours for our Youth Rally. We had the privilege of fellowshipping with saints from other churches who brought their youth along for the event. Our youth were encouraged to know that there are young Christians and that they’re not alone in their walk with the Lord. Thank you to Jeff and Heather for organising the event, and thank you to everyone who contributed in providing food & refreshment, as well as praying for us.

Bible Institute

Presenting Certificates to students of the Bible Institute at Downham

After the Morning Service on Sunday, we presented our Bible Institute Students with their Certificates as a means of recognising their hard work and diligent study of the Word of God. Sadly, we will be unable to continue the Bible Institute, however, we are endeavouring to ensure that God’s people are taught God’s word on a regular basis, so that the Spirit of God can apply the Scriptures and mature the members of the Church of Christ.

Homework Club

Since the start of the Summer Term, we have had the opportunity to reach out to the community through the weekly Homework Club. We started off with great attendance, however, over the past few weeks, the attendance has dropped and we are struggling to gain the interest of more families. Although this can be discouraging, we are seeking the Lord’s help and redirection in this matter – we may have to stop the Homework Club and try something else. Please pray for us, that the Lord would guide and strengthen as we reach the unsaved at Downham.

This Weekend:

Saturday – We don’t have our Community Outreach this week, but we do encourage you all to constantly share the Gospel with others as you go about life. However, we have Ricardo’s Induction Service at the Church Building at 3:00 PM. We have guests coming from various places, fellow Christians who we long to see and spend a bit of time with. We invite you to join us if are able.

Sunday – Join us for our Small Groups at 10:30 AM, and our Morning Service at 11:30 AM where we will hear from our Guest Speaker, Stephen Boreland.

Upcoming Events & Notices:

  • 9th July – Ricardo’s Induction (3:00 PM)
  • 10th July – Guest Speaker at Downham, Stephen Boreland
  • 16th July – Youth Flag Football (speak to Heather for details)

Thank you all for your support in reading these updates and in praying for us. We love you all in the Lord.


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