Weekly Update – 20/05/2022

Hey folks, we’re here with another update of the Lord’s work at Downham Baptist Church. Before the update, here’s a reminder to us all of how we have been invited, by the Lord Jesus Himself, to approach Him: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Meat. 11:28) – we serve a God who is not only approachable, but desires us to come to Him, so much so that He extends the invitation for us to come to Him and find in Christ our all in all. With that in mind, I exhort you to run to Christ and know that you find your place in Him. Here’s an update of the things here at DBC.

Events Last Week:

  • Prayer Week – From Monday to Friday last week, our church building was open on the evenings for prayer. It was good to enter the throne room of grace as a body of believers, laying all things at the feet of our Father.
  • Missions Conference – On Saturday and Sunday just gone we had the privilege of having our Missions Conference for the first time after a few years. We had had a great time with Tim and Joanne Palmer, along with a family from North Cotes College, ministering to us by reminding us of our responsibility to Biblical Missions.

Homework Club:

We thank the Lord for Homework Club, it is a an opportunity for us to take the Gospel into the immediate community – reaching homes and families. The attendance has dropped, however, we want to encourage ourselves in the Lord and faithfully attempt to reach Downham.

Monthly Fellowship Evening:

On Wednesday evening instead of our weekly Bible Study, we had our split fellowships. Sam challenged the men in what it means to be a people who are wholeheartedly seeking after the Lord, and our short term missionary, Bethany Norris, encouraged the ladies in their fellowship.

This Weekend:

  • Saturday – Tomorrow we have our Community Outreach. This weekend we are going to go to Bromley Town Centre and share the gospel there. We will meet at 11:15 AM at the entrance to the Glades at the High Street.
  • Sunday – We are back to normal Sunday services. We have our Small Groups at 10:30 AM, our Morning Worship at 11:30 AM, and our Evening Worship at 5:00 PM. We invite you to worship the Lord with us and minister to one another.

That’s all for now. Please keep Katharina, the girls, and me in your prayers. We will be away for two weeks on Tuesday to see family in Germany. We will miss you all, and we already look forward to being back. We love you all in the Lord.


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