Weekly Update – 29/04/2022

Hey folks, here’s another update from DBC:

Homework Club

On Wednesday afternoon, we started our Homework Club. Our aim is to do more than just provide a social need for our immediate community, we want to practically live out the love of Christ to them and to share the Gospel message with them with the Bible Lessons we offer as part of the Homework Club.

We praise and thank the Lord that we had children from the community attend our first Session, and they are keen on coming again. Please pray that the Lord will help us to take this opportunity to reach these children and their families. If you’re interested in helping and being a part of this work, please let us know. Thank you to those who came and helped with our First Session – you were awesome.

Midweek Meeting

On Wednesday night we continued our Bible Studies through the Book of Deuteronomy. Our brother, Sam, taught through the whole of Chapter 4, where the children of Israel are given their responsibility to receive God’s word and to respond to it by worshipping God and not following after idols. We look forward to learning more about God’s message to the Israelites in preparation for when they enter the Promised Land, and all the applications we can draw from it – so come and join us every Wednesday 7:00 PM.

This Weekend

On Saturday we have our Community Outreach at 11:15 AM. Although we’ve already started our Homework Club and had children attend, we still have a few leaflets/invites to make use of.

On Sunday we have our usual services. Our Small Groups at 10:30 AM will be a joint class where we will be thinking about “Giving to Missions”. Our Morning Service is at 11:30 AM and our Evening Service at 5:00 PM. We invite you to worship the Lord with us, as well as ministering to your fellow believers.

Upcoming Events & Notices:

With the Easter Season gone, we want to highlight our next big event at DBC:

Prayer Week – 9th – 13th May (Monday-Friday). We want to be a people who not only know the Bible, but also a people who live out the Bible. One of the things that we are commanded to do is to pray together, and so we want to do exactly that. On the evenings of the 9th-13th of May, our church building will be open for an hour of prayer (7:00 PM – 8:00 PM). Please come along and pray with us, pray for us, pray with one another, and let’s worship the Lord as His praying people.

Missions Conference 2022 – Saturday 14th May – Sunday 15th May. We are excited to be able to have a Missions Conference – something we’ve not been able to do for a few years due to COVID. We want to be reminded of the importance of Biblical Missions, and we invite you to attend and bring others with you. We’ll post more specific details on next week’s update.

That’s all we have for now. We appreciate all you prayers and support. We love you all in the Lord.


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