Weekly Update – 03/12/2021

Hey folks. I want to greet you all in the Lord Jesus and say how thankful I am for you all. Just like every week, I want to give you all an update of the things that have been going on this week, and the things in store for us in the weekend, but before that, I want to encourage us all to pray for and reach out to those who are sick and unwell – we all need to be encouraged especially when we can’t be out and meet with our church family. Here’s an update of things that have gone on:

On Tuesday, Travis and Teri travelled to Northern Ireland (along with Travis’ parents) to see and help James Wilson in Derry/Londonderry. They were only there for a short time, but we trust that the Lord used them to be a blessing.

On Wednesday night, Travis took us through Revelation 16 after having come straight back from Northern Ireland (I told you they were only there for just a short time). Thank you, Travis, for covering for me – I was meant to speak but sadly I’ve lost my voice. It was a great study which reminded us of how just and righteous God is, and that it’s no small matter to go against Him – in the light of this, there is a need for us to align ourselves with Almighty God, and plead with people to consider the Gospel and put their trust in Christ lest they experience the justice of God in a time to come.

Here’s what we have going on over the weekend:

On Saturday, we have our Community Outreach at 11:15 AM. Please come and join us as we seek to make the Lord Jesus known in our immediate locality, and please pray that God would work through the Outreach to save souls and add to His church.

On Sunday, we have a guest speaker, Alan Campbell, visiting us with his wife Victoria. We are excited to see them and to fellowship with them, and we look forward to hearing what the Lord has to say to us through Alan’s ministry. He will be speaking at the Small Groups at 10:30 AM and giving us the message for our Morning Worship Service at 11:30 AM. Come and join us if you are able to – we’re sure that you’ll be blessed by it.

We’ve entered the month of December, which means Christmas is around the corner once again. To celebrate the season, here are a few things that we have going on this Winter time:

  • Dec 11th – Christmas Party
  • Dec 12th – Christmas Bring & Share
  • Dec 18th – Youth Christmas Party
  • Dec 19t – Evening Carol Service
  • Dec 25th – Christmas Day Service
  • Dec 26th – Boxing Day Service

These are all the things happening this month, we will be updating people via our Church WhatsApp throughout the weeks, as well as giving more information in future Weekly Updates.

Have an awesome evening, we love you all with the love of the Lord.


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