Weekly Update – 12/11/2021

Hey folks, greetings to you all from the North East. My family and I have had a great time here, helping and trying to be a blessing to our family and friends here. I will be travelling back home to Bromley today, but Katharina and the girls will be staying another week to continue to help out and be an encouragement to brothers and sisters who are hurting here. Please keep her in your prayers.

Despite not being around, I’m blessed to be able to give an update of the things that have been going on at Downham Baptist Church this week. So here’s the update:

Last weekend, we had the privilege of having Jason Holt and his wife with us on Sunday. They’re missionaries to Chile – it was amazing to hear of the Lord’s work in and through their lives. Jason shared the joys and the difficulties of working amongst the people of Santiago, the capital of Chile. We serve an amazing God who works to bring His Son glory in the salvation of sinners and the sanctification (maturity) of saints.

On Wednesday evening, the Youth joined with the midweek Bible Study because we had another guest speaker, James Wilson. James is an amazing brother who works in Londonderry/Derry in Northern Ireland. I’m sad to have missed him this time round, but I’m more than confident that he was a blessing to the folks at Downham. If you missed Wednesday night, like I did, you can catch up on the recordings we have on YouTube (here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ4f5mRNzc8).

Here’s what’s happening over this coming weekend:

On Saturday, we have our weekly Bible Institute at 9 – 11 AM. Sam’s teaching on Biblical Missions and I’ll be going through the Doctrine of Man (anthropology). This is followed by our Community Outreach at 11:15 AM. We are getting through the leaflets we have – which means a lot of people have already received them. Please pray that God would work through the leaflets.

On Sunday, we have a very packed, but blessed, schedule. We have our normal morning meetings: Small Groups at 10:30 AM and Morning Worship Service at 11:30 AM. Afterwards, we have the Lord’s Supper – the Lord Jesus commanded that His people do this to remember Him, so come along and join us in remembering Him if you’re saved and walking in fellowship with the Lord. And then (I told you it was a packed day) we have a Membership Class which will take roughly an hour to an hour and a half.

What is the Membership Class? We at Downham Baptist Church believe that church membership is something that is right and useful, and we seek to inform anyone and everyone who’s interested as to why we think that church membership is a good idea. If you’d like to find out more, why not come and join us for it? Attending the class will not make you a member, but hopefully, it will cause you to consider the importance of church membership.

Don’t forget the Winter Retreat that’s coming up in January 2022. We look forward to seeing you there as well.

That’s all from me for this week. I love you all in the Lord, and my heart’s desire is to see you conformed to the image of Christ through the work of His Spirit in the application of the Scriptures in your lives. Please pray for me as I travel in about an hour’s time after posting this.


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