Weekly Update – 22/10/2021

Hey folks, I hope that you’re all well. Here’s a bit of an update of the things that have happened over the past week:

On Sunday, we were glad to have Travis and Grant back with us. Grant gave us a report of his trip to Burkina Faso, where he showed a couple of pictures and a video of a baptism service. We are encouraged with how the Lord is working in other places and it reminds us of the need to proclaim the gospel in all parts of the world, including where the Lord has placed us.

On Tuesday, Travis and Sam continued their work in Colchester. They spent a good part of the day replacing the ceiling in the mission hall. This was followed by their Tuesday night Bible Study. Please pray for the work at Colchester.

On Wednesday night we had our Men’s and Ladies’ Fellowship. We have these fellowships once a month or so, giving us an opportunity to take a small break from our studies, and grow together as we share our lives with one another.

Here are a few things happening over the weekend:

On Saturday, we have our Bible Institute at 9:00 AM (I’m teaching through the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and Sam is teaching on Biblical Missions). Then at 11:15 AM, we have our weekly Community Outreach.

On Sunday, we have our usual meetings: Small Groups at 10:30 AM, the Morning Worship Service at 11:30 AM, and the Evening Worship Service at 5:00 PM.

Here are some things to note in your calendars:

  • Oct. 24th – Bring & Share (this coming Sunday) after the Morning Worship Service
  • Nov. 6th – Youth Board Games Day (after the Community Outreach)
  • Nov. 14th – Membership Class (after the service)
  • Winter Retreat – We are looking forward to having some time away together as a church family. We still have a few extra spaces, so please sign up on our website (link below) if you would like to come along.

Church Website Link: https://www.downhambaptist.org/winter-retreat/

We love you all in the Lord. We look forward to worshipping the Lord Jesus with you on Sunday. God bless and have an awesome day.


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